2009 Toyota Prius in Nashville, TN in Nashville, Tennessee

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2009 Toyota Prius Touring Good condition. New Catalytic Converter 43-52 mpg - can not use synthetic oil.Good condition. Front & Rear bumper paint chip areas - Owner intends to vinyl chrome wrap lower body to cover and continue chrome theme.This tricked-out, stacked-up, rideshare-ready 2009 Prius with white exterior has honey walnut polyurethane "wood" trim from American Dash (Brooklyn, NY) who laser cut these pieces and that the owner installed by hand(the two slightly-cracked pieces are $40 each), the exterior chrome (stainless steel and ABS plastic) exterior parts also applied, and seat covers with white diamond stitching on charcoal black background to match the original charcoal color of the Prius. The limo armrest is for the center rear position, and passengers often nearly fall asleep and appreciate the comfort. The lumbar support cushions provided are due to the ergonomics and shape of Prii seats. The flooring has rubber mats for when it rains and some makeshift, homemade polyvinyl "crocodile" rear floor mats that wipe easily with a leather cleansing wipe or other soft detergent wipe when it is dry. I removed the $15.00 floor disco lights shown in some pictures due to not performing my desired "catchlight" from the Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystals from Austria lining the armrests of the doors and the overhead light in the front, but I intend to replace them and give to new owner whose passengers may want slow-speed transitioning (seizure reasons) sound activated lights to the beat of the music. The Limo Tray Table for amenities is grey but does not hold a lot of weight, so I strengthened it with velcro straps. Because of the paint chips in the front lower bumper and right rear bumper, I intend to chrome vinyl wrap these lower panel and bumper areas in the same chrome theme of the same timbre color when it is warm enough for wrap to adhere apply, or

not if a new owner does not want that much extra street "panache" or "street cred." The "VIP" "Star" lights are from a hologram projector that shines onto the ground when opening the door for rear passengers tripped off when the beam from the door frame magnet and projector sensor is broken by door opening. One of the plastic wheel trim covers cracked, so i removed it to reveal the natural metal wheels and hand polish them with Blue Magic metal polish Cream for Aluminum. The EPA 4348 mpg for this vehicle is what one would expect to be worse than the statistical median average point 45 mpg I am getting this first week in January (cold, heater motor use and with my tires slightly deflated ((meaning at 36, versus hypermiling over-inflation at 38psi all around and against manufacturer recommendations that lessens tire life left for the tradeoff of a few more mpg from hyperinflation). The best way to hypermile this vehicle is to pick low-speed secondary roads and set cruise control at 25-30 mpg or 30-38 on roads with those stated speeds. The new catalytic converter and using regular oil helped my mpg in the Fall 2018, but variables like gas quality, tire pressure, driving style, hills, Heatair motor, coasting, "B" gear use on prolonged downhills and weight carried all affect mpg, which anything over the 45 average of 48 extrema qualifies as hypermiling. it is starting to drink two quarts of oil between oil changes at current 299,500 miles (odometer rolls over at 300,000), but the battery energy monitor shows battery holding still 5-6 bars routinely and is able to "go green" with relative ease. This car has brought blessings, income, and savings(mpg and lack of repairs) to my life and I sincerely hope it can do so for the next owner, and I'm ok with keeping it, also!Located in Nashville, TNFinancing, Nationwide Shipping And Warranties Available To Qualified Buyers Stock Number: A198636U

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