2004 Ford Mustang in Kenilworth, NJ in Kenilworth , New Jersey

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2004 Ford Mustang GT 40t Anniversary 2004 Ford Mustang GT 40th Anniversary Baby! ive owned the car for many years. I purchased it from a friend of mine after he got into an accident from the rear end of the car. He figured he would get a new car and basically left me this car on whatever he owed on it which was minimal! I took the car over and repaired it myself and drove it for a good 4-5 years I would say and slowly started to build on it and actually put work into the car. I want to say in early mid 2016 I purchased the On 3 Performance Twin Turbo kit and then in fall 2016 I really stripped the car down again and started this kit! I have approx. $14k in receipts on this car. I literally changed

everything single thing you can think of besides the motor internals and the trans. everything else I changed for the better ALL new parts and got this baby running like a gem. She is currently running at 7lbs of boost with approx. 440 at the wheels. the car is very quick believe me any new 5.0s really cannot stand a chance especially on the high way. the only thing left to do on this baby is to literally change the pistons & rods with bigger injectors, retune it and you will be in the 1,000 Hp range, but again that's another project that i never had the time to get too. the turbos cans handle up to 1,200 HP.Located in Kenilworth, NJFinancing, Nationwide Shipping and Warranties available Stock Number: A174659U

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